A biography of eratosthenes

He used simple multiplication and division.

Eratosthenes of Cyrene

Today, we would call it a great university. Chronographies, is one of his compositions, a systematically arranged text, detailing all the significant events in chronological order.

Prime numbers are those numbers with no factors except for themselves and 1. His only surviving work is Catasterisms, a book about the constellationswhich gives a description and story for each constellationas well as a count of the number of stars contained in it, but the attribution of this work has been doubted by some scholars.


The Library had lecture halls and meeting rooms. Pharaonic bookkeepers gave a distance between Syene and Alexandria of 5, stadia a figure that was checked yearly. In this book Eratosthenes denounced Homer as not providing any insight into what he now described as geography.

Obviously, Columbus would prove his point and be awarded the chance to sail the world. The work of Eratosthenes would have a profound effect on the work roughly years later. In addition to writing about the very lands of the world, the treatise delved heavily into the topic of temperature and the weather.

The stade could be royal cubits or common cubits, but these come in multiple lengths depending on the geodesy module being used. Some things are easier said than done! The method is sound in theory, as Hipparchus recognized, but its accuracy depends on the precision with which the basic data could be determined.

On the death of the first chief librarian, Zenodotus, ca. George Syncellus was later able to preserve from Chronographies a list of 38 kings of the Egyptian Thebes. The prime numbers go on forever. He also served as a distinguished and innovative geographer. Eratosthenes was one of the foremost scholars of his time and produced works of which only fragments remain on geography, mathematics, philosophy, chronology, literary criticism, and grammar as well as writing poetry.

His final figure ofstadia represented by far the most accurate measurement of its type to that date, and for many hundreds of years thereafter.

Mathematicians look on them in the same way as chemists look on the chemical elements. He is said to have deliberately starved himself to death to escape the possibility of having to live his last years in darkness. His primary duties were to serve as a scholar and manage the affairs of the library.

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Eratosthenes was a famous Greek philosopher, mathematician and geographer who is credited for the measurement of earth’s circumference. Read on to know more about his childhood, career, profile and mint-body.com Of Birth: Cyrene. Eratosthenes lived in Alexandria, Egypt, part of Ancient Greece.

He was born in about BC and died in about BC.


He was born in about BC and died in about BC. Archimedes lived in Syracuse, Sicily, part of Ancient Greece. Eratosthenes was born in Cyrene which is now in Libya in North Africa.

His teachers included the scholar Lysanias of Cyrene and the philosopher Ariston of Chios who had studied under Zeno, the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy.

Eratosthenes also studied under the poet and scholar Callimachus. Dec 21,  · Eratosthenes Mathematician Born BC Cyrene Died BC Alexandria Nationality Greek Eratosthenes was a mathematician from ancient Greece. He was also active in the fields of astronomy, geography, music, and poetry.

Eratosthenes spent most of his career at the world-renowned Library of Alexandria. His best known. Eratosthenes: Eratosthenes, Greek scientific writer, astronomer, and poet, who made the first measurement of the size of Earth for which any details are known.

At Syene (now Aswān), some km ( miles) southeast of Alexandria in Egypt, the Sun’s rays fall vertically at noon at the summer solstice.

A biography of eratosthenes
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