A study of contract performance reporting

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Health navigators work to eliminate any obstacles a member may face in accessing or receiving necessary treatment. There were some signs of improvement in student outcomes just before the storm, but, as we will see, these were relatively modest compared with what came next.

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In both strategies, the New Orleans data set includes all publicly funded schools in the city, including those governed by the district OPSBsince all public schools were influenced by the reforms.

Students were assigned to schools based mainly on attendance zones. The following studies have resulted from this assistance: In the process, the city has provided the first direct test of an alternative to the system that has dominated American public education for more than a century. In fact, we come to the same conclusion in both analyses: We study only those students who returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Relative to the state as a whole, the New Orleans high school graduation rate rose 10 percentage points after the New Orleans reforms. It is difficult to isolate trauma and interim school effects, but we can estimate the combination of the two.

Our coaches provide encouragement and follow-up to members in their health care journey. The main comparison group includes other districts in Louisiana that were affected by Hurricane Katrina, and by Hurricane Rita, which came soon afterward.

The performance of New Orleans students shot upward after the reforms. Within the span of one year, all public-school employees were fired, the teacher contract expired and was not replaced, and most attendance zones were eliminated. The question is, are the reforms living up to it?

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While it might seem hard to compare such different strategies, the heart of the larger school-reform debate is between systemic reforms like the portfolio model and resource-oriented strategies. Some schools offer language immersion programs, while other schools have fairly traditional curricula.

There are a few less-positive signs, however. Reports of post-traumatic stress disorder remain common. Also, what really matters here is not whether poverty increased in New Orleans, but whether poverty increased more than in the comparison group. Also, almost all students experienced significant disruption, moving to unfamiliar neighborhoods and schools for extended periods.

Gradually, the RSD turned schools over to charter operators, and the teacher workforce shifted toward alternatively prepared teachers from Teach for America and other programs.

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Census, which measures changes in income and the percentages of the population with various levels of education.

There is a clear pattern across these methods. At this stage, the program will not test mobile, satellite or fixed-wireless broadband services. Our design is centered around the person. Even so, the combination of analyses suggests effects of at least 0. We also examined pre-Katrina characteristics to see whether the returnees were different from nonreturnees and found that returnees did have slightly higher scores.

The scores cover grades 3 through 8, are averaged across subjects, and are standardized so that zero refers to the statewide mean. It seems difficult enough attracting effective teachers and leaders to work long hours at modest salaries in New Orleans; doing it throughout Louisiana is unrealistic without a major change in the educator labor market.

Implications for the Nation Unfortunately, the effects of even the most successful programs are often not replicated when tried elsewhere, and there are good reasons to think the conditions were especially ripe for success in New Orleans: There was nowhere to go but up.

The advantages here are that we can include both returnees and nonreturnees, and we can use this strategy to study longer-term effects.

We are not aware of any other districts that have made such large improvements in such a short time. Implications for New Orleans These findings have important implications for the New Orleans public schools, the many other urban districts pursuing the portfolio approach, and for the state and federal policies—especially test-based and market-based accountability—from which the New Orleans reforms emerged.

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Equity of Outcomes In terms of achievement, all major subgroups of students were at least as well-off after the reforms. It confirms that Lebanon has an active software sector and signs are that it has a good growth potential over the next decade.

All types of public school systems struggle with providing equitable access to quality schools, and the New Orleans system is no exception. Some of the changes in student learning may reflect neither the prestorm nor poststorm quality of New Orleans schools, but the performance of schools that students briefly attended outside the city after the evacuation.

The graduation rate was 56 percent, at least 10 percentage points below the state average. In our first decade, we focused on the identification and subsequent spread of best practices.

They would be held accountable not for compliance but for results. Any benefit of having good interim schools might be offset by the trauma and disruption of the storm itself and its aftermath.CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION Windows and Classrooms: A Study of Student Performance and the Indoor Environment T ECHNICAL R EPORT October.

Cigna's 4th annual Corporate Responsibility Report shares the specific initiatives through which we apply Cigna's global health services expertise, resources and innovative thinking to help solve complex societal challenges.

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What happened to the New Orleans public schools following the tragic levee breeches after Hurricane Katrina is truly unprecedented. Within the span of one year, all public-school employees were fired, the teacher contract expired and was not replaced, and most attendance zones were eliminated.

Study on the publishing industry in Mexico. This study provides an economic analysis of the performance of the Mexican publishing industry.

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It confirms the importance of the publishing industry as a major sector contributing 48% of the added value from all the cultural and creative industries in Mexico, which represents % of the national GDP.

CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION Windows and Offices: A Study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment T ECHNICAL R EPORT October. Resource List.

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A study of contract performance reporting
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