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Make sure you have as much parking space as you need, as well as up-to-date disability access. This time will be extended by income taxes to be paid on the income, but this would also be the case for most alternative investments except nontaxable securities. These methods may give very different values and the buyer and seller must arrive at some value agreeable to both.

The buyer should try to determine the condition of the assets as well as repair and replacement requirements.

Make-or-Buy Decision

There are three main methods of valuing a business. The most difficult step in buying or selling a small business is probably determining what the business is worth as a going concern. It must result from the logical and objective efforts of all the parties involved. It seems logical to project sales and profits over a span of time comparable to that estimated for return on investment - in the above illustration, 5 years.

What kind of property are you looking for? With forecasts covering more than 1 or 2 years, a more detailed forecasting technique is needed. That translates to a bounty of fees. Although there is no tried-and-true formula or one-size fits-all strategy to buying commercial real estate, there are common guidelines that any small business owner can use to get started.

This is the number one issue in purchasing commercial real estate. Suppose it is estimated that the business should bring a 20 percent return on initial investment. The trend of profits is also important. Finding acceptance for a new product can be a slog.

Here are more reasons to consider purchasing commercial real estate: There are many more questions but the above will be critical when it comes to putting together a plan to line up deal structure to create cash and arrange a financing package to buy the business.

Do you have hours a week to focus on selling your business? Reinvesting the sales proceeds in another business will not enable him to avoid or postpones his income tax liability. There are better uses for their cash. Do they have appraisals to prove the value they are putting on the assets?

Such people will prefer leasing.

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Updated March 14, A complete physical inventory should be taken. Copies of agreements relating to options, voting trusts, warrants, puts, calls, subscriptions, and convertible securities.

A list and description of benefits of all employee health and welfare insurance policies or self-funded arrangements. These concerns almost inevitably lead the buyer and seller into conflict in valuing the business.

Your accountant may also be able to assist, while business brokers and commercial real estate agents are also excellent resources. By above-normal profit is meant a higher rate of return on the investment than that ordinarily necessary to attract investors to that type of business.

Property assets and accumulated depreciation. This can really be a plus as your business evolves. For your own protection make sure all promises and undertakings given by the vendor are confirmed in writing. Store supplies and office supplies. Forecasting Sales The most important projection to be determined in the projected income statement is the sales figure.

He also notes that some of the display equipment is outmoded and needs replacement. Any distribution agreements, sales representative agreements, marketing agreements, and supply agreements.

The buyer and the seller. However, the pace of execution could cause you to miss a market opportunity. After independent extensions, the two inventories should be reconciled.

A description of all employee problems within the last three years, including alleged wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination.Here is a look at the benefits and drawbacks and tax advantages of leasing vs.

buying. Learn before you decide on a lease or purchase. Businesses For Sale: How to Buy or Sell a Small Business - A Guide for Business Buyers, Business Owners & Business Brokers [Peter Siegel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Statistics show that only 20% of all potential business buyers actually buy a business and only 30% of all business owners who try selling their business /5(2). 79, businesses for sale on US.

Buy or Sell your business with confidence with the world's largest business for sale directory. Whether you are looking to buy a business, sell your business or merge with another business, Florida Business Broker Richard Zarzecki has the experience to assist you in all facets of the transaction.

If you're thinking about buying or selling a business, this is a good place to find out what you need to know. Get information on doing due diligence before buying a business, valuing a business you intend to buy or sell, and using an acquisition agreement to memorialize the terms of a business sale.

Small Business Guide: Introduction to Buying Commercial Real Estate

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