Case hrm and workforce diversity huawei

For reasons of comfort and confidence, companies may wish to staff overseas operations with executives from the head office. Motivational philosophies in some Asian cultures may include demotions for perceived subpar performance.

When an organization has people of different ethnicities and a greater proportion of women than the industry average, naturally the question arises as to how to reconcile the differences between these employees without causing too much friction in everyday interactions.

Executing a global business strategy requires having the right talent in the right places; it requires specialized leadership skills—managing the work of people with different backgrounds and customs.

Managing Workforce Diversity

Attracting and retaining skilled workers, stabilizing the labor force in a new market, increasing productivity, structuring an organization so that credible and competent leadership is placed in the right locations, fashioning a culture that is consistent but also accommodates local differences—these are now the activities and competencies that are critical to success.

Tracking the routes to corporate globalization these days is like watching the contrails of jet planes: One multinational, for example, has recently created an organizational structure in which its major brands will be managed by regional teams around the world.

As companies expand beyond their original markets, they first move from a structure with a dominant global headquarters to one that replicates essential functions—marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing and so on—within each country of operations.

Talent acquisition and management are much more complex in an international environment. Putting all those pieces together into a coherent, global human capital strategy—covering talent, leadership, culture and organizational structures—can be a daunting task.

Personnel to be managed will include nationals from the parent country, host-country nationals and third-country nationals who might come from anywhere. Hence, the onus is on the management, senior and middle, to ensure that they follow the norms that is required of them.

Different kinds of organizational and governance structures are required to operate as a global company rather than just a company that happens to have a lot of different locations around the world. The company continuously evaluates market growth opportunities while also protecting its core business.

Super global, super local From a governance perspective, globalization strategies usually follow a predictable course. When value is driven by consistency and standardized operations HR transactions, for example, or training that provides a functional workforce with common skillsa company needs global policies, services and technology platforms.

On the other side of the world, Huawei Technologies Co. Yet whatever direction a global expansion takes, companies face common challenges, all related to how their people—who ultimately execute business strategy, innovate and serve customers—are sourced, developed and managed.

Workforce Diversity at Nordstrom

This article looks at the reasons for managing workforce diversity and the issues that such management brings to the fore. Performance management can be an issue as well. And considering that the most pressing issue in managing diversity arises out of the treatment of women, we get a sense of the issues of race and gender as the primary drivers in managing diversity.Human resource strategies to manage workforce diversity: Examining ‘the business case’ In this chapter, we discuss the human resource management (HRM) perspective on workforce diversity.

Human Resource Management Questions Based on the information in this case, provide examples for Siemens of at least four strategically required organizational outcomes and four required workforce competencies and behaviors.

Stays current with changes in public policy, legislation, Congressional initiatives, and law related to diversity programs and diversity workforce issues Reviews organizational systems policies and practices to ensure that diversity management is integrated into the operations of the organization.

Human Resource Management Case -2 The carter cleaning company The high performance work system quality As a recent graduate and as a person who keeps up with the business press, Jennifer is familiar with the benifits of programs such as total quality management and high performance work systems/5(7).

How to manage a global workforce. Take the case of London-based Diageo, the global premium beverages company with offices in 80 countries and a presence in approximately markets.

How to manage a global workforce

The company continuously evaluates market growth opportunities while also protecting its core business. Diversity of board makeup is. In this case study, students will first discuss the advantages of a diverse workforce and the steps in diversity management.

Next, they must critique the HRM director's diversity .

Case hrm and workforce diversity huawei
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