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Practice exam 2013, Questions - Problems 2

It is suspected that the probability that an individual will be able to find a programming job within six months after the COMM — Practice Problems 2 7 completion of the program depends on previous related working experience.

An actuary wanted to develop a model to predict how long individuals will live. The size of servings of soft ice cream in a fast-food chain is monitored carefully so that the mean serving is g, with a standard deviation of only 7.

Eleven flights of this airline are randomly selected, showing the following scheduled and actual arrival times. Write out the estimated equation.

Less than 3 months delinquent: Based on your answer in part adoes Comm 215 final exam seem likely that the machine is properly calibrated?

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Will the conclusion you made in part a change if the significance level is changed to 0. A company is considering a change in group health insurance.

What is the p-value of the above test? The following table provides the results of the experiment. Explain its meaning in the context of the problem. Three employees from our company and one from our competitor WAS fired.

The manufacturer randomly selects four rotary engines and subjects them to a pollution test. How many transactions must the accountant review to have an error margin less than cents, 19 times out of 20, when estimating the Comm 215 final exam mean?

An experimental project was undertaken to verify the belief that novice computer users prefer a menu-oriented interface and that experienced users prefer a command-oriented interface.

Each test worth points. Novice, trained and experienced computer users were given various tasks to perform and a tally was kept on whether the user selected a menu-oriented or a command-oriented interface.

Fifteen houses that were sold in Montreal in were randomly selected and the average number of days that the houses stayed on the market was An accountant decides to evaluate the magnitude of this component of profit during the current year. A book club advertises an introductory offer, through which new members are entitled to receive an initial package of books at a nominal price with no obligation to purchase additional books.

The value of the house Y was estimated. Cats, unlike dogs are fond of sitting on laps. The responses to the question of whether a firm would give hiring preference Comm 215 final exam business majors knowledgeable in foreign languages are summarized in the table: Inspectors select 20 servings at random, and weigh them.

Mark Semmers, owner of the Aurora Restaurant, is considering purchasing new furniture. Grades are to be assigned according to the following rule: The decision has been taken to use a narrower interval, namely one with an error of only 0.

Determine the estimated regression equation for predicting the futures index based on the interest rate. In one province, 70 radar surveys are conducted each year at a total of 50 different sites in order to estimate the proportion p of the vehicles exceeding the kilometers per hour.

Number of Years of Experience Zero One year More than one year Number of Individuals 52 16 12 Of the 52, 16 and 12 individuals in the three experience categories listed in the table, respectively, 20, 8 and 10 were able to find a programming job within six months.

What is the probability that the mean weight is either below g or above g? The program must be able to determine the total result and finally display the grade of that student. Should the size of an offering be used as a predictor of the price per share?

A sample of 35 past mid-size projects is taken. She is trying to determine what she needs to make on her final exam for this to work.

Interpret the meaning of the regression coefficient of x2 in the context of the problem. Compute the coefficient of determination and interpret its meaning. Inthe average number of days that homes in Canada stayed on the market before being sold was Math Going into the final exam which will count as two-thirds of the final grade, Mike has test scores of 86,80,84,and Rate of return for ABC Inc.

Do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean number of days that houses in Montreal stayed on the market before being sold is less than ? If random samples of parts are selected, a.

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Comm 215 final exam
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