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The average methyl mercury content of these grains was about 4. Certain anaerobic bacteria in bottom sediments of water bodies convert inorganic mercury to more toxic organo-mercury compounds.

Another source of mercury pollution is the combustion of fossil fuels. In chlor-alkali plants, plastics, electrical, electronic industries and in units manufacturing organo-mercurial compounds, mercury finds wide spread usage.

Ultimately kidney failure occurs. Within a cell mercury may bind to a number of enzyme systems including those of microsomes and mitochondria resulting in general non-specific cell injury or death.

The neurons in focal areas of cerebral cortex undergo degenerative changes and necrosis.

For example Clostridium cochlearum under anaerobic conditions transform mercury to highly toxic methyl mercury while the same is done under aerobic conditions by some bacteria belonging to genus Psuedomonas, and Neurospora crassa which is a fungus.

Possibly the most important form of mercury in terms of toxic effects is methyl mercury. Main source of mercury is cinnabar. Under alkaline conditions monomethyl mercury could be changed to dimethyl mercury, a volatile compound which can contaminate the atmosphere.

Deliberate or accidental ingestion of divalent mercury salts causes corrosive ulceration, bleeding and necrosis of gastro-intestinal tract.

Reaction with hydrogen sulphide under anaerobic conditions causes the formation of poorly soluble mercuric sulphide which is mobilized to produce mercuric sulphate under aerobic conditions.

Natural processes are, therefore, responsible for interconversion of one form of mercury into another Gavis and Fergusan,Coldwater, Thus nursing may greatly enhance the neo-natal exposures.

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It has been estimated that on global scale about tons of mercury are released from the combustion of fossil fuels alone. There is no effective treatment known for alkyl-mercury poisoning Mercury has teratogenic action and is capable of inducing abortions and embryo toxic effects Goldwater, However, there are at least thirty different minerals in which mercury occurs in more than trace amounts.

The largest epidemic of methyl mercury poisoning, however, took place in in Iraq when scarecity forced people to eat wheat grains treated with methyl mercury based fungicide which were intended to be used as seeds. Since the rate of excretion of methyl mercury is considerably slower than the rate of its uptake, it is bio-accumulated and bio-magnified along the food chain.

Mercury has an affinity for red blood cells and central nervous system. Fishes collected from Minamata bay and Agano River contained as much as mg of mercury per kg of their flesh and bones. Mercury was absorbed, bio-accumulated and bio-magnified to high levels.

Mercury vapours readily diffuse across alveolar membrane and are lipid soluble. Coal on an average contains unto 0. This is particularly true of alkyl-mercury compounds which attain almost twice as much mercury content as found in maternal tissues.

Two major episodes of mercury poisoning have occurred in Japan, in Minamata bay and Naigata as a consequence of industrial discharge of mercury compounds.Main source of mercury is cinnabar. However, there are at least thirty different minerals in which mercury occurs in more than trace amounts.

In chlor-alkali plants, plastics, electrical, electronic. Free Essay: Summary The background of this paper we need to mention is that West Coast Fashions, Inc. (WCF), a large designer and marketer of branded apparel. Mercury Essay - Mercury Mercury is the second smallest planet in the solar system and is closest and innermost planet to the sun.

Did you know that the sun warms Mercury. It is 36 million miles from the sun and takes 88 days to circle it, and Mercury takes 59 Earth days to spin once on its axis.

But Mercury does not have any gases. Mercury poisoning is a problem because water and fish get contaminated with mercury and are then consumed by humans, so if mercury use were limited, there would be less people poisoned by the fish. /5(3).

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