Essay on role of media in public life

Consumerism and ostentatious life styles have affected our physico-mental set-up. Because of its power to build public opinion, the influence of media can make or break the government. The more attractive the advertisement, the more people will follow it. Since ours is multi religious, multi communal, linguistic and cultural society, any provocative writing can lead to distrust and disaffection among the people.

It is true that media is playing an outstanding role in strengthening the society. They even caution us against diseases like AIDS, remind us about polio drops, inform us about forthcoming films and motivate our thinking in a subtle manner. An increased interaction between both the media and the people can help enlarge their territories and thus keep at bay certain forces that are out of malign and make a fool of both.

This change from social se to commercialization has led to deterioration in public life. Unlike the electronic media, especially the television that brings out news and views round the clock and yet half-succeeds to covert the viewers into its fans, the print media creates a rewarding relationship with its readers.

The media focuses in bringing details of all major political situations, decisions and scenarios.

An Essay on the Role of Media

If an obsessive craze for pelf and power is deplorable, commercialization of media lea to negation of its social objectives and obligations is equally fraught dangerous dimensions. In their intense competition to be heard read and influence impresswe are constantly bombarded with words and more words.

Both on radio and TV advertisements are sandwiched between news items and songs as the case may be. From the individual reader to the society at large, print media performs multifaceted functions with remarkable reach and immense influence.

They cover all aspects of our interest like weather, politics, war, health, finance, science, fashion, music, etc. Having emerged as the strongest pillar of the democracy world over, media enjoys a unique place and privilege in society.

Short Essay on the “Role of Media” in Our Daily Life

People can listen, watch and read latest news whenever and wherever they want. Almost all business concerns uses the power of media to sell their products. Those of us who travel by car immediately tune in to the FM and get a fresh dose of information education and entertainment.

The media in the advanced society should perform a noble mission of enlightening people and discourage sectarian, communal and divisive trends. Because of its inherent ability to reach large number of public, it is widely used to convey message to build public opinion and awareness.

If too much domination of the media, both electronic and print, is undesirable and uncalled for, it is equally unethical if the media becomes the slave of the society and cotters to its transitory tastes rather than highlighting the real problems of the people. Both national and regional newspapers can help restore confidence in the folk by ensuring the flow of desirable information to them.

Before leaving home for the day some of us check and reply our e-mails like we used to see our mail boxes. Its duty is to inform, educate and entertain the people. Even though there are lot of plus points for use of media but there are also many disadvantages associated with it.

Media is the overseer of the political system. No pursuit and profession is free from compulsive control of commercialization of attitude and approach. Media denotes an item specifically designed to reach a large audience or viewers.

Even the media has not remained unaffected by this virus of money power over moral power. They not only inform, influence, reason and argue with us but, wittingly or unwittingly overawe us. Because of the power of media is so extensive and huge, it can be used to educate people with very little cost.

Words are fest losing their luster and freshness and the capability to embody delicate and healthy individual meanings and experiences. Since it affect the eyes, the ears and the mind simultaneously nothing can overcome the influence of the media.

Hence people can better understand their rights and make better decisions. One of major duties of media today is to inform the people about the latest happening around them and the world.

In some quarters there are apprehensions that today we are all being bombarded for twenty-four hours a day by television programmes and the daily newspaper too are touching every aspects of our lives.

In our college or workplace we are fed lot more information through books, CDs, notes and lectures. If at one end of the socio-political spectrum, the print media at the bridge between the people and the government, at the other should conduct itself as the watch-dog, without being judgmental in reporting.

Since the media and the society are intrinsically inextricably inter linked with each other, a healthy balance between the two pillars of society is imperative, lest the one should dictate the other for very untenable reasons. After getting ready the moment we hit the road we are bombarded by hoardings, banners, stickers, and bill boards cajoling and coaxing us to do this and not to do that.

The media has the power of educating people, the good and the bad. People are forced to buy harmful or substandard products. They advertise in media for the enhancement of business purposes.

The print media enjoys a very special place in the collective consciousness of any civilized society.An Essay on the Role of Media.

Article shared by. Because of its power to build public opinion, the influence of media can make or break the government. Conclusion: Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

Since then the media has played a significant role in affecting public opinion. Scholars have described the media as the 4th pillar of society amongst judiciary, legislative and executive.

This indicates that it plays a critical role in the welfare of the community. Essays on The Role Of Media In My Life.

The Role Of Media In My Life Search. Search Results. Role Of Media Despite the media's centrality to public life and to Words; Pages; Fashion And Social Media In Communication has changed drastically in The quantity of communication has increased. Short essay on the influence of Media on our Society In the making of public opinion, print media has always played a robust role, and more significantly in those times when electronic media was nowhere.

here in the sight. This change from social se to commercialization has led to deterioration in public life. If at one end of the socio. ROLE OF MEDIA IN PUBLIC LIFE INTRODUCTION The importance and the impact of the media, written or electronic cannot be marginalized in the world of today.

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Essay on role of media in public life
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