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Often they are more challenging, allowing a viewer into a world not known or to experience emotions and reactions to the content that are not borne to pure entertainment value, but more as a comment and observation on the human experience.

Gone are the days when the movie theatre was on a very short list of options.

As the industry grew into its heyday, leading festivals like Sundance each January, Berlin in February, Tribeca in April, Cannes in May and Toronto in September brought a new and ever larger crop of independently produced films to the worlds attention. It is the businessmen who would bring these films to market who will and are of necessity disappear ing.

A movie night for two can have costs that run easily to fifty dollars or more. These were eagerly awaited by an ever growing army of those who had found eternal value within these new additions to the filmed literature landscape. It is from this that the moving-image medium emerged: In midMark Gill, one of the true visionary leaders of the independent film industry, gave a speech to open the Los Angeles Film Festival that gave voice to the pain that we in the industry were feeling.

By replacing the insurmountable costs of marketing a film for a short theatrical run with or own word of mouth campaigns, we can establish a network of incredible power.

As a filmmaker with the passion to stay in the game, we pray that our films will earn the privilege of joining your permanent collection. Sure it is idealistic but if one tells ten and ten tell one hundred, quality films will find their audience.

There was a noticeable shift a couple of years ago as box office for independent films began to drop. Some of quite good quality.

In classic definition, an independent film is any film whose production was financed outside of the studio system. Generally, those who love independent films are a more discerning audience.

And then things changed. By our way of thinking, much more than budget is contemplated in encapsulating just what makes for an independent film.

Independent Film

Let me list them here in no special order, with only the briefest of discussion. DVD sales, the lifeblood of the film industry at all levels began to drop precipitously.

A plethora of options.Essay on Slacker: An Independent Film - Slacker is an independent film, which has no conventional narrative structure. Instead it is a series of stories encapsulated within conversations between random ever- changing characters.

Independent Films Essay Independent films Independent films today are generally defined as American films financed and distributed by sources outside today's Big Six and its subsidiaries. {text:bookmark-start} {text: bookmark-end} {text. Rationale.

Movies have been an important part of everyday experience for more than a century. Most people already know a great deal about it. But majority of viewers appreciate those on the mainstreams without giving prior notice to the existence of independent films.

And for those with the time, a more thorough look at the independent film industry today, some guesses about tomorrow, and the role to be played by all of us who appreciate these films.

Film Genres Independent films Search this Guide Search. Film Genres: Independent films. This guide highlights library resources for some of the more popular film genres. Film out of bounds: essays and interviews on non-mainstream cinema worldwide by Matthew Edwards, ed.

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Essays on independent films
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