Ethics and corporate social responsibility essay

Ethics is the study of honest behaviors and decisions, examining what should be done in relation with Corporate Social responsibility CSR.

After comparing the reports against EPA standards, he saw no violation. We believe that by doing this, it will force the company to address the environmental concerns, and fix the problem in order to avoid a shutdown or a poor reputation.

We learned that at some point in our career, we may be confronted with a situation that presents an ethical dilemma. We realize that ethical dilemmas will not always have an obvious solution, but when it involves breaking the law or violating regulations, the solution is clear-cut.

However, according to past EPA reports, the mill had always been in compliance. Jim grew suspicious and wondered how there was discrepancy in the EPA reports. Find a trusted person in the media and explain the situation and have a community member find the issue with the water.

Before analyzing each question and their threats, we must first recognize the underlining ethics and morality of his issue. We have developed an option for Jim that proves to be tactful and yields the best outcome.

Assessment of what we learned In hindsight, we agree that this case has guided us in thoroughly understanding ethical decision-making.

Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Sample

As a result, Jim checked the mill to test the water himself, only to learn the truth behind the plants operations. Also, option B can lead to worse, and while quitting C is smart, Jim could be wrongfully targeted by the company. As a newly promoted plant manager for Cinco, Jim is required to prove his ability to effectively manage several employees who have been with the company much longer than he has, and as a result, are more experienced and insensitive to change.

Given the current circumstances, it is critical that Jim consider the potential ethical issues at risk as he examines each of his alternatives as a manager.

Ethics And Social Responsibility

The first time Jim understood an ethical dilemma was upon his discovery of the fraudulent water sample data reports being sent to the Environmental Protection Agency EPA. With this in mind, we can assume that if Jim attempts to change the way the plant is managed, his efforts could very well be overlooked and ignored.

We have identified four options for Jim: Not only was a bribe payment to keep the plant open an ethical issue and risk, but also the fact that the company was essentially committing fraud.

Our role is to understand the wider implications and the impact of the issue on the business, and society. We begin by assuming the previous manager failed at solving this same dilemma, due to the pressure from upper management, as their only concern was about the bottom line.

Meet with higher management and discuss the ramifications of the EPA to discuss to pay for new equipment and meet the EPA standards. Investopedia, This case discusses Ethics and Corporate Responsibility by observing Cinco, a pulp processing plant. Pay Ralph for 2 years until he can get new equipment.

As a professional, Jim has the responsibility and a duty to practice good judgment. Further, by violating the EPA standards and lying about it to the public, the company was risking an exposure for a poor reputation by neglecting to be socially responsible.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It was evident that this fraudulent activity was the cause of the discrepancy within the reports.

And the best defense against involvement in wrong doing is being prepared for organizational challenges that will inevitably test your personal values, moral beliefs, and commitment to doing the right thing. We agree that Option D, finding a trusted person in the media and explain the situation and have a community member find the issue with the water option D will yield the best outcome.Free Essay: Business ethics and corporate social responsibility have become an increasing area of focus for organizations today.

However, this has not always. Corporate social responsibility makes it clear that it is certainly unethical for these corporations to be making profits at the expense of the environment and other aspects of the human life.

Corporate social responsibility makes it clear that corporations should therefore find better ways to handle their waste disposal. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay. B. Pages:6 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay The plight of society continues to surround business ethics and corporate social responsibility which is yet to surface most organisations.

Essay Topics: Business Ethics & CSR

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Analysing Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy Essay. many of whom placed an emphasis on the social responsibility of corporations and their shareholders. This paper will explain the stakeholder and stockholder theories of corporate management and argue in favor of the stakeholder theory on the basis of.

Ethics is the study of honest behaviors and decisions, examining what should be done in relation with Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). Corporate social responsibility is a business’s commitment to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the community and.

Ethics and corporate social responsibility essay
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