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Authors studied may include: Among the authors typically considered are Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton. Writing core 18 hrs 6 hours of level advanced writing workshops 12 hours of writing technique core requirements; Intro.

Join Delta Epsilon Iota, a career-focused student honor society. This course is an introduction to playwriting, with emphasis on the relation of the written drama to production. Use a computer-assisted career guidance system to explore occupations related to your personal interests.

This course includes drafting and writing of expository essays and a journal for a total of 7, words. This course examines lyric poetry and prose from Wyatt and Spenser to Shakespeare and the metaphysicals: Connect with your Academic Advisor to review current academic requirements, deadlines, and steps needed to enter your intended major.

May be repeated to a maximum of six semester hours. Freshman Writing About Literature: This course is an introductory course treating the wide variety of literary manifestations of American popular culture as reflections and symptoms of the concerns of modern American society.

To be admitted, students must complete at least 52 hours of credit with an adjusted GPA of 2. This course is an introduction to English-language literature from countries that were former British colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Studies in Middle English Language and Literature 3. The course emphasizes what distinguishes film from other arts as well as its socio-historical causes and consequences.

The focus will be on African-American folklore as a living tradition to be understood and interpreted. Discussions of stories and novels about children are put into perspective by comparing them to poems, paintings, popular songs, magic lantern shows, and advertisements featuring child protagonists.

Studies in Critical Theory 3. This course is an introduction to the issues and debates that inform contemporary literary studies. Explore opportunities for graduate school, including combined degree programs and other professional degrees at gradschool. Reading, Writing and Speaking in the Digital Age 3.

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Both published plays and student work are analyzed. Freshman Article and Essay Workshop 3. May not be taken by students with credit in ENC Typically may include attention to relevant contemporary intellectual, historical, and political movements.

History of Text Technologies 3. This course focuses on varying topics in the novel as a genre from the beginnings of print culture through the contemporary period, with attention to texts of diverse national origins from the major traditions of the genre.

English (Creative Writing)

Understanding Theory and Criticism 3. Major Figures in American Literature 3. Research in Renaissance Literature 3. Workshops offered in both poetry and fiction. This course includes freshman-level nonfiction prose writing on selected subjects for a total of 7, words.

Sophomore Stages 2 3 4 Understand your academic requirements, and monitor the liberal studies and prerequisite requirements for your major.

This course is for aspiring poets and critics. Literature and Medicine 3. Third World Cinema 3.

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This course provides an overview of the major forms of cultural expression developed by African-Americans. Introduction to Editing and Publishing 3. Undergraduate major coursework teaches students how to get more from what they read, and achieve more with what they write.

Asian American Literature 3. Students are expected to work toward submission and publication of manuscripts.Poetry Underfoot: Poetry Underfoot was sponsored by a creative placemaking grant from the Allegany Arts Council.

wi-fi access, writing reference books, and contemporary literary journals to browse.

CANCELLED - Center for Creative Writing: Music and Writing Workshop

Frostburg State University, Braddock Road, Frostburg, MD She has worked as a writing center tutor and composition instructor, and she currently serves as the graduate assistant to FSU's College Composition program. Undergraduate Tutors Adrianna alonso.

CANCELLED - Center for Creative Writing: Music and Writing Workshop FSU Center for Creative Writing Presents the Music and Writing Workshop Explore where music and words intersect when Frostburg State University’s Center for Creative Writing presents the Music and Writing Workshop on Saturday, Nov.

3, from noon to p.m. in. One of the largest degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, the undergraduate major in English allows students to emphasize literature, media, and culture; creative writing; or editing, writing, and media.

The Florida State University Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio (FSU RWC/DS) offers writing support to all FSU students, including first-year undergraduates, students in all majors, international and other ELL students, CARE students, student athletes, and graduate students across the disciplines.

At FSU’s Writing Center, we offer free one-to-one writing consultation to all FSU students, in all disciplines, at all stages of the writing process.

Whether you are brainstorming or organizing ideas or polishing a final draft, we look forward to discussing your writing with you.

Fsu creative writing center
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