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While walking through town, Mammy and Scarlett come across Frank Kennedy, now a successful businessman selling hardware and wood for which the city is being rebuilt. Some months later, in spring ofthe war is finally over.

Butler home Butler home. His motivation is simply to make a profit and his skills in smuggling allowed him to obtain the ball decorations and make it past Southern blockades. Scarlett rebuffs his advances but he kisses her, paying for it with a slap across the face.

Melanie is the only person who welcomes Scarlett.

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The date is April Her strength endures just as the strength of the Southern women when fighting to hold on to a way of life that is fast sliding away with the loss of each Confederate soldier and the destruction of homes, plantations, and towns.

Still in love with him, Scarlett once again attempts to woo Gone with the wind essay outline but with no success. A reconciliation begins to seem possible when, at that moment, Bonnie insists stubbornly on jumping a fence with her pony after she raised the bar.

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In the prewar period, it embraces the formation of the Troop, maintains its status as transportation and communication center, and houses county governmental agencies and privately owned commercial businesses. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. After burying her father, Scarlett again seeks the help of the only man she knows who possesses enough wealth to help her: She brushes him off and leaves alone for the sawmill.

Rhett gives her his pistol and walks off, leaving Scarlett in tears. Under moonlight and just as their horse dies of exhaustion, they arrive at Tara to find it still standing but derelict, having been used as headquarters for Northern troops.

While the other girls are sleeping, Scarlett slips away from the nap room to speak to Ashley in the parlor. Scarlett returns to the mansion seeking Rhett. A few days later Rhett visits the now twice-widowed Scarlett. Plantation home of the Wilkes family; patterned after the real Lovejoy Plantation near Jonesboro.

Later, at the behest of Melanie who has become pregnant again, Rhett makes an effort to be kind to Scarlett. A small house by prewar standards, it provides respite and security for Emily and Wade Hampton and freedom from the rigidity of widowhood for seventeen-year-old Scarlett before the war.

The Civil War begins. One day she hears that Ashley is engaged to Melanie Hamilton, his frail, plain cousin from Atlanta. She pulls a dried up carrot out of the ground to bite into it, only to throw up immediately afterwards.

The useless Aunt Pittypat leaves the city, finding the noise of artillery annoying, and renders Scarlett to care for the weakened Melanie with no one but the house servant, Prissy Butterfly McQueento help. Rhett helps Scarlett and Melanie escape the Yankees, escorting them through the burning streets of the city, but he abandons them outside Atlanta so he can join the Confederate Army.

However, Rhett is in a Yankee jail and cannot help Scarlett. She dances surreptitiously behind the counter of her charity stall, receiving looks of disapproval as the people around her whisper rumors of her supposed mourning. Rhett finally mentions that he was killed in the skirmish and is still there, lying dead in the road.

Sherman—who became famous for his devastating march through Georgia—said that the spirit of the Southern matriarch would have to be broken for the Union to win the war.

As the novel progresses, the South slowly relinquishes her gentility and gracefulness to the realities of an unfamiliar, unwelcome, and harsher way of life. Soon enough another few months later, Ashley arrives at Tara and Melanie rushes to embrace him.

Scarlett drives the cart all night and day through a dangerous forest full of deserters and soldiers, at last reaching Tara.

Scarlett spends her days having fun, tormenting the household servants, and flirting, especially with twins Brent and Stuart Tarleton Fred CraneGeorge Reeves. Rhett dotes on the girl and begins a successful campaign to win back the good graces of the prominent Atlanta citizens in order to keep Bonnie from being an outcast like Scarlett.

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Essay about Gone with the Wind Review. Movie Review: Gone with the Wind David O. Selznick’s Gone with the Wind, is a film based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. A short summary of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Gone with the Wind.

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Gone with the Wind () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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