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The GPS was built for military purposes Andrade, Government reports from the U. S and with this came political power Andrade, The GPS can also aid in environmental research such as wild life research and help to locate rehabilitated animals which have been released.

To an extent, it will also have value in terms of security of the property of a private owner. Only through government grants, did the GPS project take place.

This was due to demand for the need of locating objects for various reasons and also the need of reducing cost which is the restricted limitation of applications and usage of the GPS.

Although built for military purposes, due to social needs, the GPS has been innovated for the use of the public.

This conclusion is made because political factors are the ones that govern the distribution of government money and fund, and through this, the GPS was provided the necessary funds to begin operations Andrade, Purpose The purpose of the report is to analyse the political factors influencing the development and introduction of the GPS.

S forces rendering them an advantage as seen in the Gulf War. He also mentioned that an invention alters itself due to meet the needs of the society.


Combined with communication technology such as the Gps tracking thesis phone, the knowledge of position can be life saving, reducing search and rescue mission to simply rescue mission El-Rabbany, It can be seen that the GPS has been put to different uses after its introduction although built for a different purpose.

S a huge military advantage and gave victory to the U. S needed a technology that could monitor the movements of governments around the world. You can also order a custom essay, term paper, thesis, dissertation or research paper on GPS from our professional custom writing service which provides students with high-quality custom written papers.

This report will analyse the relationship between the political factors and the GPS technology. The GPS was used for navigation, tracking, bomb and missile guidance, rescue and map updating Andrade, Hughes views on technological development will be used to support the political influences that governed the introduction of the GPS.

Analysis Hughes Theory Hughes presented that, every technology or technological change will have political, economic and technical factors. This gave the U. Users are now able to communicate with each other even in remotest part of the world owing to this technology.

One of the aims of the system was to develop a single unified application. In this case, the U. Built for military purposes, it has managed to strengthen the military might of the U. This could help improve productivity as the company can keep track of where it is.

S for military purposes, but the constraints of public needs and demands, dictated that the uses of GPS be changed to meet its needs.

Due to other technological advances Gps tracking thesis as more efficient communication systems, geographic databases and innovations and breakthroughs in the microchip industry and the availability of Internet access, the GPS became more affordable; hence, it is now widely used Andrade, It was a gradual process where the GPS was available for use by the general public.

S and its effect on the U. Gps tracking thesis information of position can be invaluable in these areas if given in relation to the intended path, showing points of interest and potential hazards: Local government authorities can also benefit from it such as the police and fire departments for life and death situations.

Methods of Investigation Factual and technical books regarding the GPS would be used to support the study. Finally it can be seen that the use of the technology has gone to shape itself so that society can use it in a common fashion and affordable manner. Such uses can be seen in the field of transportation, geographic research and weather prediction El-Rabbany, S will also be used in aid to support the analysis of this study.

Theories used in this study would be taken from the Engineering for Sustainability text. Thus locating them through the GPS, researchers can observe their tracks and have a better understanding of the specie Kreiter, A single unified application that allowed more civilian use and user friendly Logsdon, Introduction The topic of this study is related to the introduction of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the United States (U.S) and its effect on the U.S in the past ten years.

Purpose The purpose of the report is to analyse the political factors influencing the development and introduction of the GPS. GPS Global Positioning System is a space-based satellite navigation system providing position information on Earth.

It helps users to determine their position, speed and time of the day on land, sea and in the air 24 hours a day, everywhere in the world. GPS signals are accessible to an unlimited number of people simultaneously.

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GPS IN SPORT: ANALYSIS AND DETERMINATION OF FITNESS LEVELS Final Year Thesis analysis of sports data using the GPS tracking technology to track and record player movements This thesis will display how the GPS tracking. applications is the creation of A-GPS (Assisted-GPS), pushed by the U.S.

Federal Communications Commission, which was aiming to provide position information for the emergency service, thus facilitating search and rescue operations after emergency calls from cell phones. GPS for use in radar verifications and tests An inventory of GPS-technique and development of a method for use in processing of position data in radar verifications and tests Master of Science Thesis MAGNUS WENNBERG.

STT Single Target Track: Air-to-air radar mode in PS/A focused on one prioritized target track.

Gps tracking thesis
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