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Now growth is slower than it was in the quarter in which The Modi Government assumed office.

Factors for slowdown of Indian economy, suggestions for its improvement

Read More GD Topics. The government should understand that non-essential imports, particularly those imports that have affected employment and livelihood, and gold imports have to be reduced substantially.

A demand for labour exists only when there is a demand for goods. Structural reforms are being taken by almost all the governments or they have been claiming to be doing for more or less a quarter of a century now.

It will get corrected in the coming months. While the idea of sales tax reform was rather good and very bold, there have been execution challenges. Now the government has to play a key role and understand the economic realities and avoid adventurism in policymaking and implementation.

This has slowed in after the reforms, but the Indian economy continues to suffer from the strangulating hold of these SOEs and the capital that they have locked up.

However, a section of the industry and many economists have criticised the government for not being prudent enough to read the distress signs and for treating the slowdown as temporary and transient.

Even though the implementation of this policy change is yet to see the light of the day, it has already caused a sense of panic in investors and industrialists.

Indian Economic Slowdown: A long term problem, how to come out of it?

To create more demand the Government needs to spend more in rural areas, construction sector and the unorganised sector World Bank hopeful: A long term problem, how to come out of it? So growth is necessary if employment is to be assured. The act prevents retrenchment of labor and makes it highly unattractive to hire employees in the organized sector.

Indian Economic Slowdown

The worsening of one factor leads to the impairment of others. No demand - No Investment: It is also difficult to relate slowing domestic growth to sluggish world trade as data show to be a year of a major turnaround in exports. Over-dependence on tertiary sector growth was certain to back-fire sooner than later.

How can India come out of slow down? The latest government policies regarding FDI which underline its readiness to welcome foreign investors to bring in investments are very welcoming and should be supported by one and all without partisan differences.

The next important aspect is the burgeoning CAD- it is currently pegged at 4. So what exactly went wrong with the economic system of India to cause such a holistic downfall of the national economy?

The Private investment source is depressed as of now due to the factors cited above and is difficult to revive unless some external force is applied for example — tax sops, incentives for investment, creating demand for certain products through public funded projects among others.

Since then, it seems that the tables have turned. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted: Leading economists and market researchers suggest following remedies to bring the Indian Economy on high growth track More Government Expenditure Government needs to spend more now to overcome the situation.

India has been struggling on almost all faces, economically, since then. In it rose slightly. The UK and the European Union consider an economy in recession only when real GDP growth actually turns negative over two consecutive quarters and by this criterion, with a positive growth rate of 5.

But a few months back, we saw ourselves standing at a unique, and an unpleasant crossroads. Imports are surging and they are eating into the domestic market share.

But, the economy today is still less regulated than it was in An immediate boost without worrying much for consequences is needed by way of spending. There is not only a pool of unemployed persons in India to absorb but the country also needs to provide employment to youth continuously entering the labour force.

India’s Economic Slowdown: Is It Dire, or Just a Disruption?

Vicious Circle operates Since it is capital formation, or investment, that drives growth in the economy, investment is an immediate source of demand as firms that invest buy goods and services to do so.Indian Economic Slowdown - Reasons for Slow Down in Indian Economy.

Dont blame slowdown of Indian economy on RBI or is the RBI to be blamed? Economic Crisis in India. After India survived the Dotcom bubble in Enthusiastic investment bankers and. Indian Economic Slowdown: A long term problem, how to come out of it? The facts and background India’s Economic growth has slowed for 5 consecutive quarters beginning from late onwards.

India has had a solitary economic slowdown in india essay net rating upgrade in the last 25 years · This essay on the Topic Corruption is the root cause for Indian Economy slowdown. In fact, next to China, India’s. · In the last seven years or so (i.e., since ) India has emerged as one of the economic slowdown in india essay fastest growing economy of the world.

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1 through Corruption Is the Root Cause of Economic Slowdown in India Corruption is omnipresent. From micro-institutions to macro-institution, from local to government institutes each operated and continued to exist and flourish with its own set of corruption activities.

India economic slowdown essay writer
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