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In addition, learning how to work in a fast paced environment with new challenges everyday as well as obtaining the skills that are needed to be successful in that profession would be a bonus.

Describe and comment on what measures the establishment which showed awareness of potential damage to the environment — comment on use of energy; cleaning products; paper, packaging and all kinds of containers including glass.

I have talked to a lot of people from the industry about that and most of them confirmed what I had already realized.

Hotel internship report.

Thank you again for this opportunity, and as a dedicated person who learns quickly and is happy to mentor others who are just getting their start, I believe I fit in well and will perform with the utmost class and distinction during my internship.

How would you describe the customer focus in your establishment? This state, with its stunning beauty, its employment opportunities, its hard-working people and its harsh winters, presents challenges that I thoroughly enjoy.

You have to be prepared to take control and ask as many questions as possible when the time is right as well as create good relations with your co-workers in order for them to trust you and give you more responsibilities.

Finally, perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors. I have become a master at entering the invoices in the M3 Accounting system; I have also become a master at counting the liquor inventory. Coordinate with Housekeeping to track readiness of rooms for check-in. I also wanted to improve my verbal communication skills, my ability to work under pressure, my organizational skills and my computer skills.

Finally the core values of the organization are: To conclude, much more than my initial objectives have been achieved.

The types of rooms available are guest rooms with 1 King bed, guest rooms with 2 Double beds and guest rooms with 1 King bed and a whirlpool.

Follow all company policies and procedures; ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets.

Since English is not my native language, I had the opportunity to use English in a professional environment and develop my vocabulary and pronunciation. These qualities include good hospitality and guest service experience, in-depth knowledge of the administrative staff, ownership, and Management Company as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Proud of Overall, I am really proud that I was able to secure a full time job during this internship. Payments are made weekly by the management company Starwood weekly.

In addition, my language skills have also been improved. Assignments and responsibilities are tentative to change. Inform the guests about parking procedures and supply guests with directions and information regarding property and local areas of interest. It not only helped land my first job as a front desk agent in a hotel that is part of the third largest hotel group in the world, but it also helped me realize a lot of valuable lessons for the career that I want to follow and it gave me hands on experience to the front desk department.

Run daily reports number of arrivals, departuresidentify any special requests, and check reports for accuracy. Examine submitted invoices for various suppliers for approval of payments. You are standing for long periods of time if not all the time and you have to process a huge amount of information and paperwork, while remaining cordial to the guests and answering a million questions to everybody all at the same time.

My knowledge in hospitality from my courses only helped me to understand better how the industry works and gave me a few key terms that I use in my work. Describe your duties while employed. I learned that hospitality was not a fantasy but a reality.

It also offers modern rooms and suites, ample workspaces, and friendly and responsive staff.I had never worked in a hotel before doing this internship and I got to see the main picture of how a full service hotel runs and what to expect while working in one.

However, I believe that there could have been more beneficial things done to prepare the interns for working in hotels in the future that I.

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Internship Essay Examples. 7 total results. The Influence of Foreign Factors, Industrial and Customers' Trends on High Class Hotel Business in Mongolia. 11, words. 26 pages. What I Learned in my Internship 2, words. 5 pages. An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Internship. 1, words. 3 pages.

The Impact of My Community, Its. Internship and the Hotel Assignment carry total marks ofout of which 80% belongs to internship and 20% belongs to hotel assignments.

Basically, Hotel Assignment is the report concerning about the each and every departments of the hotel. My future plans are to continue and get as much working experience as I can from this hotel, and when I feel that I am ready I want to move to a 5 star hotel and continue working as a front desk agent.

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Write one internship essay base on F&B department. Criteria for Internship Exemption –F&B DEPARTMENT You are required to provide evidence of at least six months relevant work in a hotel or restaurant, and also complete the following tasks: 1.

Describe the establishment where you worked, giving the dates, this should include the ownership, the [ ]. Jun 13,  · The Aloft Hotel is located at Duffield Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Aloft has rooms which are new practically brand new. The hotel was built in so everything on the premises is modern and up to date amenities.

The hotel is a Starwood Brand. At the Aloft Hotel, they are.

Internship hotel essay
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