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Pagasa national high school has been featured in some local region area at the social media. They think that a bicycle would be a better way transportation ,because it is easy to use and every student will like it. Globally competitive that everyone are proud of become of those awards of medal that given by those deserving student.

This program called "bike mo pag-asa ko" because of this program many student given a hope to continue studying even without a money this program are very successful because of helping of the students,teachers ,parents and also the donators of the bike On the school days all levels including junior high,senior high teachers and principal have perform the earthquake drill to prevent injuries and to be ready on disast for the safety of the students who have weight loss and not reach the nutrition food eating that will be approved of the parents to take the medicine.

For high school student they should not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. When it comes to academic pag asa national high school are always in the top. The principal told the recipients they will use only the bicycle for only in school use for taking off somewhere like on highway getting with their friends or use by their family members only the student.


We have the guidance officer who is in charge for that matter. We are so proud to become a part of this school because the teacher are very professional and we learned a lot. We never let the students to become a violent person bully and vandalism.

We should pick-up the pieces of paper and pastic on the ground.

Also for wearing P. The school head organize a program for the student,how they will become earlier to go to school. We Avoid bad student to become bully for preventing school fight or rumble,Because we maintain our Good attitude and Behavior if there was a rumble inside our school the guidance councilor can handle this situation and to solve this problem,Because she is incharge of this job.

Pag-asa National High School

They are the persons who has sacks of patience and understanding just to give to the students the right education that they must get. Teaching is considered as the most noblest profession as teacher gives they are all to their students.

Pag-asa, Philippines 10 Day Weather

Through out the decade Pagasa national high school PNHS are still making a big name not only inside the campus but in the entire region. In annex campus they still build a building for senior high the problem is until now are still under construction ,thats why the senior high is in the main campus.

We never let that happen if in case that there will be report about bullying. Because it is not good for the health of sthe student.

This is also one of the best in the pagasa national high school is how they give and love their student Teacher will always be a teacher even if they are not in school. In every classroom it into three type of the recycable,Non recycable and Biodegradable.Be prepared with the most accurate day forecast for Pag-asa, Philippines with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and High /.

Pag-asa National High School added new photos to the album: Senior High School Meeting with Sangguniang Bayan (May 12, ). Pag-asa National High School is a company engaged in Public High School located in, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA) are alerting all the residents in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental to prepare for the moderate and thunder storms, they warn all the residents of the possibility of flashfloods or landslides.

Mr. Here in pag-asa national high build the self-confidence of a weak,shy,and some student to become a strong and well never let the students to become a violent person bully and never let that happen if in case that there will be report about bullying.

Pagasa National High School (Schools) is located at Rawis, Legaspi City, Albay. More information on this mint-body.comon: Rawis, Legaspi City, Albay.

Pag asa national high view in
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