Post election violence in kenya essays for scholarships

He had to give this up after fierce protests.

Kenya’s Post-Election Violence

Raila Odinga is from the Luo tribe. Figuratively speaking, communities that find themselves at the periphery of power mobilize against the status quo on the basis that it wants the plate to go around.

Politics and Violence in Kenya Essay Sample

Baron de Montesquieu in his treatise is famous to have stated that history has shown that those vested with power have always been apt to abuse it.

This is where creation of crime is instigated by pressure from the powerful in the society who fear any kind of threats to their vantage interests from which they recoup huge benefits by virtue of being at the top of the social strata.

The violence that erupted after the hotly contested presidential race were a shocker to the Kenyans themselves and the international community at large as it was nothing like the mild inter ethnic squabbles that had been witnessed before. Additional important electoral reforms included the reorganization of Kenyan geographical regions into 47 distinct counties, each with a governor, senator, district Assembly and a mandatory seat allocated for the representation of women.

Under colonization, white settlers had taken fertile parts of land in the Rift Valley province in western Kenya from tribes like the Kalenjin, Masai and others.

The latter would be a setback for the fight for justice both in Kenya and internationally.

Sworn in on a wheelchair after a near-tragic road crash at the height of the general election campaigns, President Kibaki owed much to his coalition partners for the National Rainbow Coalition euphoria and sense of unity that won him the victory.

The divide-and-rule administration tactics, although a legacy of the British colonial administration in Kenya, were polished under the Kenya African National Union regime. The Rift Valley was declared a Kenya African National Union zone, and other parties were warned against venturing into the area.

Despite discontent over the ICC charges and the persistent, albeit decreased, use of ethnic identity and traditional animosities throughout the campaign, the elections, held on 4 Marchproceeded relatively peacefully.

State appointments, budgetary allocations, and a distribution of public goodies appear to strictly follow the beacons of ethnic loyalty and closeness to state power.

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About 1, Kenyans died in the post-electoral skirmishes,people were displaced from their homes, and many continue to live as internally displaced refugees in temporary camps across the country. It also strips the presidency of certain powers and patronage that previously allowed for centralized control within the office of the President.

Camouflages of such ethnic interests abet serious frustrations and can spread hate propaganda and falsehoods or become a war-mongering tool. This Kikuyu resettlement plan was backed only by a section of the Kalenjin politicians. In response, the ICC announced on 23 January that it would hold a status conference on 5 February — formerly the start date for the trial.

The police force has yet to be restructured and vetted, and remains the most corrupt state institution in the eyes of the majority of Kenyans.

The former president was himself an expert in divide-and-rule tactics of administration. Also see my separate pages about current travel advice, a timeline of the events, the details of the power-sharing deal and the official election results.

The government, for a time, continued to play truant and refused to enter into any meaningful form of power sharing agreement with the opposition, even amidst talks chaired by former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan and backed by the international community, in particular the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom.Violence erupts following the election results in Kenya View Photos Kenya's election commission announced on Aug.

11 that President Uhuru Kenyatta has won a second term as opposition candidate. the primaries has raised fears of both pre- and post-election violence surrounding Kenya’s national elections scheduled for August What are the prospects for violence in the upcoming elections in Kenya?

PROSPECTS FOR VIOLENCE IN KENYA’S ELECTIONS By Dr. Alexander Noyes Chaotic primary elections in Kenya in April left two.

Aug 09,  · Inmore than 1, people were killed in post-election violence. Odinga, a former prime minister, lost that election, one of three defeats at the polls before this vote. Following the announcement of presidential election results on December 30,Kenya ex- perienced the worst electoral violence since the inception of multiparty politics inleaving more than 1, people dead,displaced, and the country deeply divided.

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Nov 18,  · Post-Election Violence Continues In Kenya, As Opposition Leader Returns Politically-fueled violence has broken out in Kenya again. Several people were killed in clashes between demonstrators and.

Domestic violence is a problem that is rampant in most parts of the world especially in Africa. There is no standard definition of domestic violence in Kenya maybe because there are no.

Post election violence in kenya essays for scholarships
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