Richard outram essays on his works

Gauntlet Press produced numerous broadsides, chapbooks and small printed matter featuring words by Outram and wood engravings by Howard. A special issue on the Gauntlet Press, guest ed.

With reproductions of paintings by Barbara Howard. Still, his appreciation for traditional elements and his disinterest in an explicitly politicized Canadian identity often isolated him from the major movements of Canadian poetry during his lifetime. During them also, he met his future wife, Toronto painter and wood engraver Barbara Howard.

The Promise of Light. Special issues and magazine features[ edit ] The Antigonish Review Eugene Benson and L. Outram is rightfully remembered for this ability to harness the narrative potential of poetry in collections that plot their arcs in single-poem episodes, such as he did in Mogul, Recollected and the love story of Hiram and Jenny Outram went back to work with the CBC, first, again, as a television stagehand, then as a stage crew foreman, a position he held until early retirement at the age of sixty in A Journal of the Printing Arts 65 Includes a review of Hiram and Jenny.

Corrections to the Cave.

Richard Outram

The Collected Poems of Ted Kotcheff. An Introduction to the Work of Richard Outram. How we connect with the past, where we are now, and despite our inherent separateness, our personal convergences — these are what lay ahead on this journey.

Rough notes Ingrid once intended for a larger narrative were instead, over several years, distilled into a sequence of twenty short, linked poems. In addition to these commercial publications, Outram issued over a dozen other collections of poetry and prose under the imprint of the Gauntlet Press, a small private press which he founded with his wife in This feature was later revised and republished as Richard Outram: Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, In the early s the Gauntlet Press switched from letterpress to digitally based production on the computer.

This division was repaired somewhat later in his career with major critical and creative retrospectives like those organized by Peter Sanger and Ingrid Ruthig, and the awarding of the City of Toronto Book Award to his thematic sequence Benedict Abroad St.

The Hunt on the Lagoon.Through his maternal grandfather, Richard Outram's family had a major role in the founding of the UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA. Ingrid Ruthig, ed., Richard Outram: Essays on his Works (); Peter Sanger, Through Darkling Air: The Poetry of Richard Outram ().

Recommended. She is also the author of the poem sequence/artist’s bookwork SLIPSTREAM, the chapbook SYNESTHETE II, and the editor of THE ESSENTIAL ANNE WILKINSON, RICHARD OUTRAM: ESSAYS ON HIS WORKS, and DAVID HELWIG: ESSAYS ON HIS WORKS (forthcoming in ).

Ingrid Ruthig is the author of This Being, League of Canadian Poets' Gerald Lampert Memorial Award winner, and Slipstream, as well as the editor of The Essential Anne Wilkinson and Richard Outram: Essays on His Works (Guernica).

Richard Outram: Essays On His Works (Writers Series) [Ingrid Ruthig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Something of a?foreigner? in his own country, Richard Outram was uncommonly dedicated to living an examined life and to the act of creation for its own reward.

This book represents a posthumous. Get this from a library! Richard Outram: essays on his works.

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[Ingrid Ruthig;]. An extensive study of the life and work of Canadian poet Richard Outram with detailed analysis of his poetry, his influences and allusions, and his collaboration with his wife, Barbara Howard, on the limited edition broadsides and handmade books issued from the Gauntlet Barbara Howard.

Richard outram essays on his works
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