Role of newspaper in society essay

They write about any and every event happening at all corners of the world. And some of are doing it because of there is no other employment scope in the city. Importance of newspaper for teachers News on newspaper impact on people differently.

And most important it is the source of data and information that help to increase awareness, knowledge of the citizens in a country. Importance of newspaper of elderly people Elderly people living in the cities use newspaper as a part of life.

Young graduates scan the job advertisement pages. The editorial section chiefly consists of views on social issues, debates and perspectives. Newspapers can exhort the people to root out these evils. Press is the mirror of the society.

What new bill passed by a representative of people for people. Some newspapers indulge in yellow journalism. They became a major forum to formulate public opinion and share distress of people in remote areas.

Advertisements are also a very prominent feature of newspaper. Importance of newspaper for democracy The newspaper is important to report to the public what government is doing? It contains news advertisements and articles on various subjects. Newspapers should concentrate on giving only the true picture of the society.

By summing up the discussion, we can say that things are not good or bad in their existence. Newspaper reading not only benefits students in their subjects but also improve the general knowledge and knowledge of culture and trends in various parts of the country. Job seekers get much benefited thought this.

Newspaper can terrify people by spreading sensationalism. Newspapers have played a significant role in history as well. Newspapers play an important role in a democracy. If newspaper feed the people with wrong views, it can be very disastrous.

Most of the people are poor and illiterate with false promises. Casual readers look for sensational topics like loot, murder, kidnapping etc. This is very necessary for a democracy.

Samachar Bharti and Hindustan Samachar.

Importance of newspaper in our daily life

People get jobs through wants columns. Of course newspaper can be a weapon of propagating wrong ideas. A newspaper in the present time makes us familiar with the up-date current events of our nation. Everybody except a few read the newspaper everyday.

Those who love the glamour world read the pages on fashion movies and film stars. Newspapers also have a separate column for properties on rent, sale and purchase. So almost all the newspapers publish the sports-news with elaborate pictures and charts.

They take the role of spokesmen for people of all classes. Newspaper publishers generate revenue from advertisement. It receives feedback from the providing society with great amounts of information, but they also play a major role in.

the development of an intellectual class. Although many people deem it superfluous to read the newspaper due to in influx. Here we with words Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society describing about the importance of newspaper in our day to day life to keep updated ourselves.

It is playing its vital role by providing information and creating awareness among the people. Categories English Essay Tags English essay, Importance of newspaper, importance of newspaper in our life, importance of newspaper in our society, importance of reading newspaper, Role of press.

14 Replies to “Importance of Newspaper. - The Role of Media in the Society Media has always played a huge role in our society. For a long time media was one of the methods of controlling people and leisure.

Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society

In ancient times when there was no newspapers and television, people used literature as source of information, some books like "the Iliad", and different stories about great kings, shows.

Importance of newspaper in education. Newspaper and news can play important role in the development of education in any country by using the news as a practical example of theory students are learning in books.

There is no doubt among theorists that media is influencing society, but there are different theories that suggest that it may be society influencing media, not media influencing .

Role of newspaper in society essay
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