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Since Regulation Fair Disclosure was enacted, there has been an increase in 8-K filings.

Senior Financial Journalist Salary

What type of information from the S-1 would they want to include in their story? In fact, buying and selling of company stock by executives, board members and employees occurs on a daily basis, and most of these trades have to be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It covers topics such as working with fractions, comparing numbers by creating ratios, ranks and rates and understanding the difference between percentage points and percent.

As part of the reporting process, they also do a lot of calculations. Writing Business and Economics Stories for Mass Communication or the equivalent chapter in the text of your choice.

How the market works Investors come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of ideas about which stocks perform better than others. The stock and bond markets Previous week Next week Back to top Class 1: This is different than a stock, which actually conveys part ownership of the issuer.

Understanding the job of an analyst is important if business reporters are to use them more wisely in the future. Have students discuss what they would do if they were a reporter for a news organization covering Walt Disney Co. Organize a field trip to the local county courthouse and have students review some business litigation.

What information can they find? Chapter 16 in Writing about Business: The SEC recently reviewed these requirements and added additional reasons why 8-Ks must be filed.

Business reporting: Semester-long course on how to develop compelling business-related stories

If profits are increasing faster than revenue, then a company could be cutting expenses. This is information that likely can be turned into a story. A bond is an IOU between the issuer and the buyer.

Have the students discuss how they would go about obtaining that additional information. Many small companies rely on college students. Whoever issues the bond promises to repay its face value plus interest when the term expires.

If students find a lawsuit that is newsworthy, have them make a copy and write a short story about the allegations. How do they think your interest in the investment would differ if they owned stocks individually instead of in a fund?

If possible, have the students discuss the lawsuits with the clerk of the court. Understanding insider trading It comes as a surprise to many beginning journalists that the vast majority of insider trading is legal.

Understanding the importance of proxy statements and knowing where to look for information in them helps a business reporter ascertain how companies value and compensate their executives. Chapter 4 of Show Me the Money: Have students find examples of 10 of the reasons an 8-K is filed, along with stories that were written from those filings.

Do they think their editors would publish such an article? Though it can be reasonably assumed that sites operated by state and federal government agencies and Statistics and financial journalist michael and private companies for the purpose of disseminating information about their operations are reliable places to obtain information, millions of other sites are not as trustworthy.

After students have reviewed these documents and thought about these questions, have them write a story about this acquisition being announced. In some counties these records may be available online; one possible source is Netronline.

Have students discuss why that happens. A company may want to expand into new territory or add a product and feel that the fastest way is to buying another company. Knowing what filings to look for in a bankruptcy case and what information they contain can help a reporter tell a great story about how a company got into trouble.

Have students ask five people you know if they would file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if they felt they were being harassed or discriminated against on the job.

Understanding bonds can also help reporters on other beats. White their names sound similar, these two types of investors operate very differently.

Understanding how bonds work can help a business reporter broaden the scope of their reporting about the markets and how companies raise cash to fund expansions. Some CEOs remain as chairman of the board after they retire from day-to-day management of a company. The concept of a mutual fund is to reduce the risk of investing in the stock market by pooling a number of different stocks together.

Some investors may want to acquire stocks in companies where there is great potential for future growth. Analysts could have downgraded a stock or several stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, causing the overall average of 30 stocks to fall.

The continuing decline in newspaper circulation over the past decade is reflected by the number of full time journalists at daily newspapers throughout the United Stateswhich, instood at 32, journalists, a loss of almost 10, journalists from About Us News The Outstanding Journalists in the United States in the Last Years.

About Us. Faculty; Courses; Michael Herr: who covered the a journalist and novelist whose thoroughly reported and tightly written account of the consequences of the atomic bomb America dropped on Hiroshima filled an entire issue of the New Yorker.

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Are Journalists An Enemy Of The American People?

Are Journalists An Enemy Of The American People?

Are Journalists An Enemy Of The American People? by updated daily and featuring the latest statistics from the .

Statistics and financial journalist michael
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