The bill to bring our people back

According to a follower of the Campaign on Twitter: Every child should get to experience this privilege. Sergeant June Ackland Source: If you need any help, please Contact the Shop team at: Would there be enough demand for these manufacturers to proceed?

We have a gap in the market for a show that is consistently on at 9pm every night that is suitable for kids most of the time. Her character was admittedly very comforting and kind and seems exactly like the type of mam who sustains you during life in retail.

Hopefully its The Bill next! It was as if he went to Eastenders as a part of some elaborate witness protection scheme. Dramatic chase scenes There was an awful lot of running on The Bill.

Seeing actors drifting between The Bill and Eastenders Because soaps were on every day, as a child I could not comprehend that it was not real life. The Bill In real life, she is the mother of popstar La Roux but on the show she is mother of everyone who worked in Sun Hill police station.

We have been busy finding out how we can be recognised as the Official campaign to Bring Back The Bill! We will be contacting TV Broadcasting channels such as Channel 4 and 5 when we reach 1, signatures to show them that people are willing to fight and campaign for a programme they want to see on TV!

What will be left for them to hire out to the people in the Media Village? Need I explain why? Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen a Garda run? However, we need as many signatures as possible to prove to them The Bill is worth it!

We have found a supplier which can provide the calendar. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We have been busy gaining the support from The Bill Cast and Crew as well as publicising the petition link on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

The number of guest appearances by people who grew up to be pretty famous When Keira Knightley was 10 she played a thief on the show. For more details, Please visit: DailyEdge is on Snapchat! The theme music Source: Through back gardens, over walls, down lanes, up and down flights of stairs in blocks of flats.

What do you think? So much so, when I looked in my school journal and saw that it was Tuesday or Thursday, I got more excited than I should have. The Official Bill Tours After a long wait, fans of The Bill can now book tours of the studios where filming took place for 20 years!

Until I saw this I was kind of under the impression that he was faking that pirate accent that he uses. In the mean time, why not use the hash-tag makethebillcampaignofficial in any tweets about The Bill? More interesting little clips and news about the Campaign coming soon!

Browse through our catalogue of The Bill-related merchandise and snap up some great pieces of TV History! By Kelly Earley Thursday 20 Apr9: Hope for The Bill to come to Sky Arts? You can find more information - including the link - on the dedicated page on the website: Get this woman back on TV.

6 reasons we should bring back The Bill immediately

Gallery Sun Hill Sets for the Axe! What are your views on this? Keep an eye out for any news about our plea to become the Official Campaign Tap the button below to add!

Please do what you can to keep signatures of the petition risingAs soon as the iconic theme tune began, so did the exitement, the drama, The Bill. I could write a long passage about why the ressurection of The Bill would be such an important thing, but as many true fans of Sun Hill would agree words can't describe the loss we felt the last time those iconic sirens rang out.

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Bring Back The Bill Petition Since our last update, signatures on our Bring Back The Bill Petition have risen! We have been busy gaining the support from The Bill Cast and Crew as well as publicising the petition link on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

The Bill should return to TV, says original star Eric Richard:

"Over the years, the series has become known for giving so many famous actors their first break – which gives an added dimension to our viewers’ enjoyment of The Bill it seems. "It’s grown into one of our most popular on demand drama series over the last six months as word of mouth has spread online, and we expect to see a 15% rise in viewing figures over the Bank Holiday, as fans use the extra free time to.

Bill. Eric, 75, starred in the show for 17 years and said he would love to see it return to the small screen. The Bill finished in after almost three decades. Because crimes don’t tend to happen inside police stations, The Bill was a bit more exciting than Eastenders or Coronation street since they focus mostly on one neighbourhood.

It was nice to get a look at people’s back gardens while the cast of The Bill ran through them, ducking under washing lines and hopping walls to run after a petty criminal.

"I don't see any reason why they wouldn't [bring it back]," said Richard - who played Sgt. Bob Cryer from to Fans of The Bill can now rewatch classic episodes for free on UKTV Play - and Richard told DS that the show's online popularity "demonstrates that there's an audience".

The bill to bring our people back
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