Understanding cause related marketing and its scope in india

The advent of social media has been a fruitful platform for raising awareness on social causes as well as gaining consumer trust points and participation. If few more use cases are to be highlighted, the state Government of Maharashtra had created a database for criminals with records of attributes like fingerprints, iris and retina recognition, to help the police department in nabbing the criminals without having much delay in investigation.

Paper Boat FloatABoat This monsoon, traditional drinks brand, Paper Boat got everyone to make paper boats and share pictures of their boat on social networks. TV, print, radio, online, and even sent volunteers to places that have no access to these forms of communication.

For example, the campaign set out as a clear-cut issue of participatory governance. Instead, they decided to take on a campaign that saw two lakh people pledging never to bribe again. But they chose their causes judiciously. A microsite captured all the floating paper boats on social networks, while the brand shared adorable films on the cause and how to make a paper boat told through a school girl.

Also, while the way biological data is stored and encrypted makes it much harder for hackers to access it, but if it is accessed by any chance, it would get really difficult to crack it again, making you lose the data forever. All along, Tata Tea has been able to ride the wave of trends in social activism.

Advertisement The rise of Biometrics in India There is no doubt that the deployment of biometric authentication solution is on a rise than ever before.

The story moved forward with user likes and shares, that also translated into donations for the cause. Viewers could join in the noble cause either by sharing the video on their social networks or by direct donations to the charitable trust.

Nivea partnered with Aseema Charitable Trust, an organization dedicated to provide quality education to children from marginalized communities. Each time one shared the film, Nivea contributed grams of rice.

From tigers to toilets: the rise of corporate cause marketing in India

For example, Jaago Re had been running with the corruption theme for a while when Anna Hazare went on an indefinite hunger strike on April 5, A campaign video was created with three protagonists who had varying physical challenges.

Save the Tiger facebook page, for example, has over 2. The official Indian government figures indicate that million Indians are living below the official poverty line, but the latest World Bank data suggests that million Indians live in poverty.

Vistara FlyTheNewFeeling Vistara, the joint venture airline from Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, wrote a new chapter in the history of Tata Group that has been looking to re-enter the airline business in India ever since the last six decades. To visit our Archives, click here.

You can buy our tablet version from Magzter. A campaign website served as an information and donation hub. The solution is simple — promote the importance of hygienic handwashing through various programs, one of which involved social media. This is clearly reflected in the almost three lakh page likes Jaago Re has; its nearest competitor, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal by Hindustan Unileverhas 3, likes.

Tata Tea: Champion of Cause Marketing

For instance, in case of Aadhaar authentication request, it could fail following a mismatch between biometric data and demographic data.

This is what made Jaago Re a phenomenal success.

For every paper boat image that is shared on any social network, the brand would donate Rs. Aircel and NDTV recently announced a campaign to collect funds for tiger conservation. While these caught our imaginations for quite long, it is remarkable as to how these technologies have transcended from showbiz into the world of reality.

India has started to witness biometric devices being deployed in law enforcement, local securityand travel and immigration sectors. Behind the image lies one of the most successful brand campaigns to have come out of India in the last five years. An animated baby turtle called Shelly was created for a four-part series on YouTube.

There certainly is an increasing demand and there are reports suggesting that there would be over one billion biometric enabled devices on the market this year, indicating the ever increasing popularity of biometrics in various domains.

But Tata Tea executives had a doubt: A recent development by RBI In a recent development pertaining to biometrics in India, RBI has mandated that all scheduled commercial banks, urban and state cooperative banks, payment banks, ATM operations and authorized card payment networks migrate to Aadhaar-based biometric authentication for electronic payment transactions by June Having said that, biometrics is at a state of proliferation and this is an interesting time for biometric modality, innovation and adaption.

In the National Geographic Globescan Greendex surveywhich measured the environmental sustainability of consumption across 17 countries, the Indian consumers obtained the highest Greendex score.Factors impacting responses to cause-related marketing in India and the United States: Novelty, altruistic motives, and company origin Another aspect of the current study examines the impact of the geographic scope of the cause on Indian students' evaluations of a CRM campaign.

What is the scope in the network marketing business in India? Update Cancel. ad by The ExecRanks. Use of Network marketing software is highly popular in western countries, and its scope in India can’t be underestimated.

Understanding Biometrics and its scope in India

People have started considering the hidden scope of this business. Related Questions. Social Marketing in india lessons learned from efforts to foster demand for cleaner cookstoves Contents are felt) at scale – as part of its wider mission to catalyse enterprise-based solutions to global development challenges.

and their related social and environmental benefits – will never be delivered at scale. From tigers to toilets: the rise of corporate cause marketing in India Social and environmental awareness among Indian consumers has led to more cause marketing, but are companies ignoring one of.

6 Cause Marketing Campaigns That Did Well On Social Media

Cause Related Marketing: An Indian Context by Anoop Mohan ABOUT THE AUTOHR(S) Mr. Anoop Mohan has received MBA in Marketing from Adaikalamatha Institute of Man. There’s no denying that the right celebrity endorser can boost the media coverage of a cause-related campaign. talk through its latest .

Understanding cause related marketing and its scope in india
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