Unocal in burma case study business ethics

Benefits of this project: Therefore, in terms of violation of ethical principles and moral standard, Unsocial should be responsible for the injuries inflicted on some of the Karen people.

And Unsocial contracted a consulting firm to review the Amnesty International report, which documented abuses against the Burmese by the army. Costs of the project: However Unsocial still decided to invest into this project on the basis of knowing these human rights violations in Burma, as well as the risks that might occur.

The reason why Unsocial chose engagement was that they believed the engagement is the more effective way to strengthen emerging economics and promote more open societies. Thus, taking an engagement policy not only improve its economics, but also promote open societies, well-being of human being and help growing the opportunities against its repressive government.

From the distributive Justice perspective, it seems that Unsocial was not right to invest into this project.

The socially responsible course for a business to take is the one that will produce the greatest net benefits for society or impose the lowest net costs Velasquez, To understand whether Unsocial decision to invest in the Hadrian project or not, we can analyze the costs and benefits of the project.

Unsocial should not invest in this project, because the company was sued in both the Federal and State courts in the US and the ensuing bad publicity and boycotts by consumers in the US eventually forced Unsocial out of business by way of a merger with Chevron, which means the investing behavior of Unsocial has induced wide dissatisfaction.

Ill Arguments In order to study this case, I adopt three ethical principles to analyze this case: Humans have a clear interest in being free from injury or fraud and in being free to think, associate, speak and live privately as they choose Velasquez, According to the case study, one dilemma has been generated: The human rights abuse in this case was proof of conflict with the moral rights perspective of ethics.

Case Study: Unocal in Burma

However, this project would do harm to local community, as the project invested by Unsocial would contribute the government of Burma to continually violate the human rights of the Burmese people, such as forcing hundreds of Karen to clear the way and build facilities for the pipeline construction and providing slave as the Burmese government labor for the project.

Even though the benefits have been distributed to all of Burma in theory, it is unfair that the burdens of building this pipe-line felt on citizens paving near the pipe-line area. Burma is a poor country and need other countries to help, and this project is an opportunity to make Burma economic growth.

The core concept of utilitarianism is the focus of good consequences for all stakeholders and not Just the individual. From the compensatory Justice perspective, Unsocial has compensated the people who have suffered in this project through out of court settlement.

According to the Velasquez in his Business Ethics Concept mentioned that: I explained it from two aspects: Reference List Burma democratic concern: In utilitarianism perspective, Unsocial should invest into this project, because there are more people getting benefits from this project which produced the greatest net benefits to society.

Moreover, from the distributive Justice perspective, even though the benefits have been distributed to all of Burma in theory, it is unfair that the burdens of building this pipe-line felt on colleens living near ten people-Ellen area, wanly Is violation AT Justice principle.

This project could help Burma economic growth. However, the only one serious problem is that government of Burma would be a partner in this project, which was a military dictatorship accused of continually violating the human rights of the Burmese people.

Therefore, on the basis of knowledge of human rights abuse before and after investment, Unsocial should be responsible for the injuries inflicted on some of the Karen people. And using the three principles demonstrates the dilemma mentioned above.

Since then, Burmese people were suffering very tremendously. If Unsocial not invested in this project, Burmese would not have this opportunity to develop its economy and Thailand would not use the natural cleaner gas; at the same time, Unsocial would lose this good opportunity to expand its oversea market, which brings a loss of profits.Normative study tries to deliver moral nbsp; business ethics unocal in burma.

wmv – YouTube a video about the case of Union Oil Company (Unocal) now Chevron in Burma (Myanmar) BUSINESS ETHICS AND SLORC UNOCAL AND THE YADANA GAS was written on the basis of publicly available information and of. Running head: UNOCAL IN BURMA 1 Case study: Unocal in Burma Elianys Hernandez 9/13/16 Florida National University Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Rewal Alonso This preview has intentionally blurred sections%(10).

Principle of ethics: the violation of ethics or moral standard obviously occurred in this case related to Unsocial in Burma. According to the Velasquez in his Business Ethics Concept mentioned that: Humans have a clear interest in being provided with work, food, clothing, housing and medical care when they cannot provide for these themselves (Velasquez, ).

Case Analysis: Unocal in Burma Union Oil Company of California, Unocal, progressed into a full-service oil business after being founded more than years ago to develop oil fields in California.

Its services included extraction, refining, distribution, marketing and retail. Answer 2: Burma people were discriminated, tortured, forced to work, harassed and murdered by the military before as well so Unocal, as one of the partner in a project, had to construct the pipeline through Thailand which not only benefit Unocal but the Burma people as well.

• Karen people has right to claim on UNOCAL • UNOCAL has right to do business in Burma 9. Justice perspective Punishment is morally accepted for breaking a law or rule.

Govt forced UNOCAL out of business; merged with Chevron Punishing Karen people who are against to project.

Unocal in burma case study business ethics
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