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Her grandfather looked down on her with contempt and viewed her as a burden because she could not fulfill this role, even though she was always trying to Whale rider gender essay him of her superiority.

Instead, everyone mourned the death of her twin brother. Niki Caro teaches us that our real intended desires come from within, as evidenced by Paikea.

Instead Koro blamed Nanny Flowers for the reason the tribe may parish because of her strong female side. She secretly listened from the outside of the classroom to learn how to chant and she practiced how to fight with the stick with her uncle.

She defied patriarchal expectations by accomplishing tasks that her male counterparts could not accomplish Whale Rider, The traditions that were once held so deeply will be lost at sea because none of the men are able to step up and rescue them. Paikea went against the Whale rider gender essay and liberated herself from the restraints that come with being a female Whale Rider, Males and females are created equally, but they are not assigned gender roles equally; therefore, males have a slight advantage because they are favoured and expected to succeed, whereas a female is unfavoured and expected to fail.

If she did not step up to the plate and fight for her right to be a leader, she will always remain a follower. Most audiences would have expected Paikea to break down and cry from the inequality, but not Paikea. When I went to pursue my post-secondary education, my parents were appalled to hear that it would take me four years to graduate.

This film shows the new woman in film, as Paikea is a strong independent woman who is shown with emphasis on strength and the ability to surpass all obstacles and rise above the oppression. In Kahu is the oneness that the Maori ancestors believe produces a great communion.

Kahu who possesses that innate gift helps to reestablish this connection. Rather we assume that these movies also have something to give that women want to have. Bain pays her a lot of money for the capture and destruction of Batman.

The presence of the abundance of land and sea aides in the understanding of the importance of communication and oneness in tribal culture.

When her father joined her, he offered her the option of leaving. Initially, she did not know how to even hold the stick, but Hemi taught her and he began to respect her instead of join the boys at school and tease her. She does not see herself as a prophet, but someone who wants to reclaim something that would have otherwise be granted to her if she were a boy Whale Rider, A female is never given the opportunity because she is predicted to fail.

Eventually, she rode the dying whale back into the waters and her grandfather finally recognized her strength, and allowed her to sit in the boat with the other men Whale Rider, The boys originally jeered at her and made farting noises when she was performing her solos during school plays, but soon realized that Paikea was different from the traditional female, and they started cheering for her as she rode past them with her bicycle.

Paikea held her head up high and did not admit to defeat. This is evidenced by her victory at the speech contest at school, where she was crowned the winner of the East Coast Speech Contest. In order to pursue dreams, they must assume the role of a male because the male role is a goal-oriented and high-achieving position.

During the fight with Hemi, Paikea defeated him, but he accepted his defeat and realized that just because Paikea was a female, it did not mean her strength would be weaker.

Saturday, 17 November Introduction: In ancient times, males were once regarded as the hunters and females were the gatherers. From the female perspective, females feel discriminated and they recognize that they are classified as second class citizens that are not given equal opportunities.

She still loves her husband despite the fact that he is stubborn and only wishes to teach the boys in the community. Like Paikea, she is given the leading role because Caro wanted to use her as a success story. Because Whale Rider is a counter cinema production inwhere feminists are growing in power, it is a realistic portrayal of real life mundane struggles females face, at home and in the workforce.

The story of Paikea was created and influenced by a man and a woman who both understand the complexities of the Maori lifestyle, and the difficulties that go along with living as a part of it. For instance, when Paikea reveals her ability to fix the rope to the boat engine for her grandfather and also, when she defeats Hemi in a stick fight, she is scolded by her grandfather because in a patriarchal society, females are not allowed to defeat males Whale Rider, Paikea also inspired her grandmother to speak up to her grandfather whenever he tried to overpower her.

I will have nothing to do with her.

Whale Rider

In this instance, Niki Caro used the whales to symbolize the tribal men; these men needed to be rescued by a woman; she is currently the new hero, and she can legitimately start her own teachings and possibly begin a new legend based on her heroic efforts to save the origins of her ancestry.General Summary: Whale Rider, one might say is a movie dealing with the acceptance of.

women and the rite of passage for a year-old girl in the Maori culture. The movie begins in.3/5(11). The Whale Rider directed by Niki Caro and written by Witi Ihimaera shares the same components of the story of Antigone by Sophocles. Though written in two different time periods and different settings, both stories have elements of gender inequality.

“Whale Rider” is a great example of the problems that many cultures and families are facing around the world. The main social issue that is brought up by the film is the function of the woman in a world controlled mostly by men.

3) Counter cinema and female-gaze cinema are both forms of film that are opposed to the dominant forms in Hollywood.

Whale Rider Analysis Essay

Kord and Krimmer state that most films “fail to represent real issues facing women today”, and Whale Rider is a film that definitely does not apply to this criteria. The Whale Rider study guide contains a biography of author Witi Ihimaera, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Whale Rider consists of a strong story which is expressed beautifully by its cinematography, family values and character-driven story line which make it both interesting .

Whale rider gender essay
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