Write a song for your boyfriend

There is something about love songs that melt the hardest of hearts, maybe the lyrics or the melodious sound.

60 Love Songs to Dedicate to Your Boyfriend

Music they say is a food for the soul. Take all of your written down thoughts and feelings, and turn them into lyrics for your song. No matter how hard a man seems to be, there is always a soft spot, and a love song can help you discover this soft spot.

The best way to choose a melody for your song is to find a key comfortable for your to sing without straining your voice.

At this time, you can also write a song for your boyfriend changes, add to your song, change wording around -- make any necessary revisions to your lyrics at this time. Listen to No Ordinary Love and hear the story of a woman giving her all to save her love. People find themselves doing all sorts of things to express their feelings to their significant other.

How to Write a Song for Your Boyfriend

References How to write a song - songwriting guide. Say them to yourself to make sure that they effectively deliver your message. Men love women who are romantic, so try and act likewise. The melody is the tune of your song, and represents the way your song will sound when the lyrics are sang.

Determine what you want your song to be about. Playing a very romantic love song for him is one way to get him emotional.

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With all of the options available to show your boyfriend that you care, it can be hard to choose the right method. Create a catchy hook or chorus for your song. Sing the lyrics of your song in a variety of different notes until you come up with a pattern of notes that sound good. You can click on the youtube link to get a feel of this romantic song.

You can do this by taking 4 bars or measures of a catchy part of your lyrics and make them the hook or chorus. This is the planning stage, so write down as many key thoughts as possible.

Now read over your notes and come up with rhyming phrases that you can fit together to create your song lyrics. Is it your wedding anniversary or maybe his birthday, just do a compilation of some nice love songs and present to him, he will surely cherish it.

Romantic love songs, in particular, do more than food does, it can heal a broken heart and much more.

Top 10 Romantic Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

About the Author Deidra Leigh began her freelance writing career in The key thing to remember is to be creative with your song. Write down important memories, key facts about your first date or first kiss. Write down your feelings towards him -- how he makes you feel, moments when he made you laugh, fun times, etc.

A unique way to grab his attention is to write him a song. The rugged theme of this song is what makes it fantastic. It is also capable of awakening those old butterflies through its nostalgic sense and imagery. Have you tried a couple of things to no avail? This process is very much like writing a poem.

20 Most Romantic Love Songs For Your Boyfriend

Here is a list of 20 most romantic love songs for your boyfriend. Do you think he is having doubts about your love for him or is scared of losing you? It will surely melt your hearts and strengthen the love you have for each other; all thanks to NSYNC.

She has written articles for websites such as The Urban Melting Pot.Jul 19,  · alright, my boyfriend has never heard me sing & i wanna write a song for him cause his birthday is July 31 & im having trouble riding a song does anyone have ideas, i havent got sleep in like 2 days from im thinking insomnia long story but i need help writing a song, or does anyone have good lyrics i could use?Status: Resolved.

Your song for your boyfriend is almost sure to be a success because it's coming from your heart. Review the lyrics you've written down. Say them to yourself to make sure that they effectively deliver your .

Write a song for your boyfriend
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