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Biodiversity[ edit ] Yasuni National Park is arguably the most biologically diverse spot on earth. An initial proposal to promote the sustainable development of the renewable resources of the National Parks in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, rather than extracting non-renewable oil resources, was published in by Luis Fierro.

Seventy years ago, the forest stretched hundreds of kilometres west of this city, but today all you can see from the air are plantations of palm oil and other cash crops.

Money is not yet filtering through to local communities, where it is supposed to be used to improve social capital as well as protect biodiversity. The park also hosts a list endemic species such as 43 different species of vertebrates and — different plant species.

While this discourse did not blossom fully in the s, by the s the political pressure that oil companies faced completely changed the way things were done. Tragically, it was the fundamental reason it did not. Other studies have shown how they are less vulnerable to disease.

Freshwater ecosystems are also deteriorating. I have testimonies from local people who say they are already building tracks to they can push ahead with plan B. A discarded oil drum bobbing in the Napo highlights the pollution from the oil barges and river traffic.

Earlier this year, a group of leading scientists warned that biodiversity loss could result in a "global-scale state shift".

Yasuni itt essay acting to tackle poverty and underdevelopment will damage the environment as communities engage in illegal logging and as sewage pollutes the waters.

General Assembly in Environmental impacts[ edit ] Media coverage and legal documentation are limited when it comes to oil spills in the Amazon. Oil reserves[ edit ] Yasuni National Park is home to an estimated 1. However, the government saw the Waorani opposition to oil activities as harmful to the modernization of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian indigenous do not possess the means to fight off against the foreign oil companies. The commission concluded that the economic results were not sufficient. There are hundreds of waste oil "lakes" in the forest. In tropical regions such as Ecuadorthe rate of decline is almost double the global average.

The six dollars only covered local damages, it did not account for climate change and costs of carbon dioxide production, which also required payment for. To paddle up the Ayango creek that leads from the traffic and pollution of the Napo river into the most biodiverse region on Earth is to encounter a wall of noise, frequent bursts of colour and unimaginable combinations of life.

But some of this gives a misleading impressionfailing to address the real reasons my government was forced to take this decision.

The world failed Ecuador on its Yasuní initiative

Wilsonand Stuart Pimm urged the government to leave the resources untapped. The native people also sought employment in the oil industry, access to oil markets, and long-term investment in health centers, schools, and community development.

If we are serious about reducing emissions of CO2 and doing something — which is all they talk about at international meetings — then this is the place giving oxygen to the world. Contribution from the international community can help to develop reforestation to avoid petroleum energy.

Critics who readily dismiss these financial arguments fail to address the serious matter of under-development in Ecuador. The park also harbors high levels of fish diversity with known species.

But this is changing amid growing awareness Yasuni itt essay both are approaching dangerous tipping points as a result of human pressures. In a single hectare, Yasuni has overdifferent species of insects which is roughly the amount of insect species that can be found in all of North America.

There was a promise from the president to work on that. Biodiversity loss, it says, is becoming a greater concern for businesses than international terrorism. And what by the less developed nations? A road is being built in a neighbouring oil exploration block inside the Yasuni park.

By ignoring the wants and needs of the native people, oil companies forced them to turn to political resistance as the only way to make themselves heard.

This compensation had an environmental and economic logic: If both the YASunidos campaign and this second one are successful in collecting enough signatures, forcing a referendum, and achieving a YES vote at the polls, there could follow a scenario of legal confusion over what should happen next.Yasuni Itt Words May 31st, 29 Pages This article is a copy of the one published in New Society Magazine No, January-FebruaryISSNmint-body.com A major transition for a great transformation.

The ITT initiative, which covers the Ishpingo, Tambococha and Tiputini oil fields in Yasuni that make up an area of less than one-fifth of Yasuni's national park, aims to. Ecuador approves Yasuni park oil drilling in Amazon rainforest (BBC): Originally Posted on BBC Latin America Ecuador has abandoned a conservation plan that would have paid the country not to drill for oil in previously untouched parts of.

The Yasuni ITT Initiative Essay - Inthe courageously hopeful President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, announced the pioneering Yasuni ITT Initiative to the General Assembly of the United Nations ("What is the Initiative?").

It was a groundbreaking plan to save the unexploited ITT oil reserves (“What”). The world failed Ecuador on its Yasuní initiative It was with a heavy heart that Ecuador's President Rafael Correa recently announced the end of the pioneering Yasuní ITT Yasuni's most.

World's conservation hopes rest on Ecuador's revolutionary Yasuni model

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